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Instructional Design

This course is given every semester, and I have taught it almost continuously for over eleven years. I am working with students to redesign it to be more relevant to each of the audiences that it serves and to include an "ID Studio" experience.

Advanced Instructional Design

I have given this course several times over the years. It is one of the few advanced courses that we offer in the ITEC program for masters and doctoral students. I have taught it differently each time but seem to be settling down on a combined studio and theory apporach.

Learning Theories

I began teaching this course when the last of our Educational Psychology faculty left a few years ago. Now that we are rebuilding that program, I teach it less. I did, however, win a national award for the design of the online version of the course.

Current Issues in Instructional Technology

Normally, I teach this course every Fall online. My colleague, with whom I wrote a textbook for the course, teaches in f2f in the Spring. We use a problem-based approach and try to cover a wide range of issues that are important in instructional technology right now.

Designing Online Courses

This is a new course that will appear in the catalog in Fall, 2008, It is part of our new Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching, and for some students may replace the basic ID course.

Research in Online Learning and Teaching

My colleague, Karen Swan, and I have taught a seminar on Computer-Mediated Communications twice now. That course is being replace in Fall, 2008, by this one.

Instructional Applications of the Internet

This course is an introduction to using the Internet in education and training. I usually teach it every Summer and concentrate on designing and developing instructional websites and on the basics of computer-mediated communications for teaching.

Computer-Mediated Communications

As noted, this course was taught twice and is now being superseded by the Research in Online Learning and Teaching course.

College Teaching Managing Technological Change


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What's New

New services include Wikis, Moodle, blogs, and others.

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